Room Details

Please use this resource to help you find which room(s) would work best for your event. You will find information about the room sizes, the room locations in the church, maximum capacity per room, furniture, and special notices. The rooms are organized according to which floor they reside. Our building has a ground floor, a first floor, a second floor, and a third floor. If you require a more comprehensive view of the church building, there is link to the map of the church building at the bottom of the page. 


Fellowship Hall (Ground Floor):

Chairs: 108

Tables: 18 (6 person tables)

Length: 79ft 8in

Width: 56ft 2in

Room 3 (Ground Floor):

Chairs: 24

Tables: 6

Length: 32ft 3in

Width: 23ft 4in

Room 4 (Ground Floor):

Note: This room is a bit crowded with furniture; chair, desks, shelves, etc. 

Length: 31ft 10in

Width: 13ft 4in

Room 6 (Ground Floor):

Note: There are a few shelves and cabinets lining the wall. But for the most part, this room is empty. 

Length: 30ft 1in

Width: 32ft 1 in


1st Floor Lounge (First Floor):

Tables: 4

Chairs: 22

Length: 46ft 8in

Width: 29ft 10in

Chapel (First Floor):

Piano: 1

Pews: Left 14, Right 14 (Total 28)

Length: 47ft 2in

Width: 28ft 11in

Sanctuary (First Floor):

Piano: 1

Organ: 1

Pews: Left 14, Right 14 (Total 28)

Length: 79ft 5in

Width: 54ft 10in

Stage Dimensions: Length: 27ft, Width: 19ft 3in. 


Sanctuary Balcony (Second Floor):

Pews: Left 8, Right 8, Center Back 12 (Total 28)

Length: 95ft 6in

Width: 19ft 3in

2nd Floor Student Lounge (Second Floor):

Couches: 3

Sofas: 2

Tables: 2

Chairs: 12

Length: 40ft 7in

Width: 20ft 8in


3rd Floor Lounge (Third Floor):

Metal/Foldable Chairs: 12

Couch: 1 (2 cushion)

Coffee Table: 1

Piano: 1

Length: 29ft

Width: 20ft 1in

3rd Floor Rec/Youth Room (Third Floor):

Round Tables: 2

Chairs: 7

Couch: 1 (6 cushion, L-shape)

Length (Carpeted Area): 19ft 1in

Width (Carpeted Area): 14ft 5in

Length (Wood Floor Area): 30ft 2in

Width (Wood Floor Area):12ft 6in

To view a PDF of the full map, CLICK HERE.