We offer confirmation classes for 6th through 9th graders every other year in preparation for church membership. This is typically held from January through May and includes approximately 10 sessions covering various topics about the Christian faith and the meaning of membership. Topics include church history including the History of the United Methodist Church, Our Beliefs, Our Theology, and Our Faith & Calling. Confirmation Sunday is typically held during the month of May where the confirmands are received into church membership.  

2023 Confirmation Schedule (6th - 9th Graders) 


08 - Our Journey (Sunday, 9am)

22 - Our History & Heritage Part I (Sunday, 9am)


05 - Our History & Heritage Part II (Sunday, 9am)

19 - Our Life Together (Sunday, 9am)


04 - Athens First Saturday Missions (Saturday, 9am)

05 - Our Beliefs Part I (Sunday, 9am)

19 - Our Beliefs Part II (Sunday, 9am)


02  -  Our Theology Part I (Sunday, 9am)

16 - Our Theology Part II (Sunday, 9am)

30 - Our Faith & Calling (Sunday, 9am)


13 - Confirmation Rehearsal (Saturday, 9am)

14 - Confirmation Sunday!!!! (Sunday, 10:30am) 

*To register, contact Kathy Mangen,