Digital Church Directory

To access the Digital Church Directory, click the above image and enter the password.

Hello Friends, 

We will continuously update the directory as we receive new information throughout the course of the year. These updates will be instantly available to members of the Athens First United Methodist Church community as we publish the changes. 

Only members of the Athens First United Methodist Church community will be granted access to the digital church directory through the means of a secure password. These passwords will be case sensitive, so please be aware of that. This password will be updated as needed to ensure the continued integrity and security of the private information contained within the directory.  

The completed digital church directory is available online 24/7/365, regularly being updated throughout the year, so that you always have access to the most updated information to connect with fellow community members of the church. 

Please note, we will continue to accept orders for print copies of the church directory, please email us at: to let us know if you want a printed directory. 

To report a change/update that needs to be made to your information in the Church Directory, please email:, with the subject line reading: "Your First & Last Name, Church Directory Information Update".  Example: "Jane Doe, Church Directory Information Update".