Trinity Discussion Group


This class is a forum for how our religion fits with the issues in today’s society, or those thorny issues that we all wrestle with daily. It is an open discussion group that welcomes people from all perspectives that are willing to share their views and openly consider the viewpoints of others. As a group we periodically select a topic area such as a book, text from the Bible, or current event as the basis for the discussion. Where the discussion goes depends on the interests and participation of the people attending. When the topic is finished, or the discussion wanes, the group selects another topic around which to seed the discussion.

We don’t shy away from difficult subjects. All viewpoints are not only welcomed but encouraged. We sometimes discuss issues currently affecting the church or the congregation and encourage members to act as they feel comfortable in their resulting conclusion.

A few years ago we sponsored a church-wide introduction to the Dead Sea Scrolls where we brought in outside expertise and ended with a tour to an exhibit at the museum in Cincinnati. On several occasions we have discussed the relationship between Christianity and Islam. A typical subject that we might take on in the near future is the conundrum in our denomination about human sexuality.

If you are interested in sharing your views and learning the perspectives of other on current topics in religion, attend the Adult Class and see what you think. In this class, unlike the trend in modern society, we do not look for people of like mind. We thrive on differences of perspective and opinion. Come and share yours with us.

This really is a different sort of gathering. The attendees are very friendly. Don’t be afraid to give it a try–you might find it stimulating and enjoyable.

Proposed Time and Location:

9:00 – 10:00 a.m. Sunday Mornings.

First Floor Lounge at the First Methodist Church of Athens, 2 S. College Street.

Questions or to express interest, contact Dan Smith: 
Cell: 260-409-7078.